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This pic was taken at St. Anthony Dunes in Idaho Oct 2003

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I use to ride moto's mostly in the mountains until one of my buddies purchased a used 4wheeler.  It really caught on and we had alot more fun with it mostly for the kids, it was easier for them to ride and ridding with a passanger was alot more fun.  I bought it from him when he bought a warrior.  It was a Suzuki 230 quad sport.  I also purchased a Polaris Trailblazer the next year and had a lot of fun with both of them.  (note: I still wish I had the Suzuki.  Great for kids and as an extra quad to have around.)  Soon after this I started spending more time at the Sand Dunes and less time in the mountains.  I put a pipe and paddles on the Trailblazer and did some cluch work.  It was ok for playing around and letting the kids run around on but not enough for me.  I decided to trade in both quads and I purchased a brand new 2000 Honda 400ex.  Wow, what a great quad at that time.  I put on a pipe, k&n, jetted, paddles and had a blast with it.  One of my friends bought a Raptor and after doing the same mods on it he was now kicking my butt.  We are about the same size and it was really getting to me so in 2002 I traded the 400ex in on a 2000 Banshee.  This baby was just like new and had Toomey T5's already on it and so I got rid of the air box & put on dual k&n's and jetted.  I also gear'd it down a little and put some extreme paddles on it.  I had a ball with it.  Over all it was a great quad.  Then the YFZ450 came out.  What should I do.  I told my neighbor Mike that I was thinking of selling my Banshee and he told me he had to have it.  So we made a deal and I brought home my brand new YFZ450 in October 2003.

My friend Shawn told me about www.bluetraxx.com and so I joined the forum and soon found out all of the mod's that you can do for more power.  I am very impressed with the performance and handling of this quad.  It will climb anything, jumps farther than I want to and is a blast to drive.  My 18 year old son love's it also.  I bought him a used blaster a few years ago with a pipe & other mod's and he only wants to ride the 450 so we sold it.  I'm just over 200 lbs and he is around 150 so he can fly up hills and blows by some really fast quads.

Other Great WebSites To Check Are:  www.theatvcompound.com  www.planetsand.com  www.dunereview.com http://www.yfztech.com/

I really love the candy red frame.  It looks fast and mean just sitting still.  So far the mod's done as of 4-1-06 is:  air box is gone and installed a Ron Woods Intake with K&N filter, full Pulse Charger exhaust, re-jet, cam mod, KBR Piston and Porting.  It has extreme haulers on the rear and mohawks on the front.

I purchased my YFZ450 at Steadman's Recreation in Tooele Utah.  They are very easy going and great to work with.  You can dicker with them on pricing and the "extra" costs are very low.  The parts guys are great and really take care of me and give me discounts.  The Service dept is also great and have helped greatly with lots of questions.


West of Sand MTN in Utah out on trails leading to back side